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I’ve recently written for…

I would not have been able to launch my website without James’s writing and support. James was able to take my vision and passion, put them words, and tell my story and message far better than I could have imagined.

David Fischer

Founder, Dream 17


Cute and catchy doesn’t cut it.

But neither does buttoned up or salesy.

What works is your voice, your brand’s voice, that appeals to your audience… ENGAGE with them into your vision and mission.



From lead magnets to thank you surveys and retargeting ads, there’s a science behind intimately knowing your audience and flying them from lead to raving superfan.

Stop guessing or using the latest tactic. Learn to create a master conversion plan like an evil genius (but for good)


“But I don’t want to annoy and harass them…”

You won’t. Instead, keep in touch and engage with the prospects who want to hear from you. The ones who want to get to know you better before they become raving fans of your service.


Helping Concsious Companies Have Impact

I get it. You want to make a difference, scale, grow, reach more people, and do bigger and better things …
But your secret identity is…

  • Stuck trying to figure out how to reach your audience
  • Overwhelmed by the number of frameworks, tactics, and marketing programs cramming into your feed
  • Unsure of whose advice to follow or if that so-called expert can really deliver on the promises they screamed about in their ads
  • Frustrated by trying all the things — social media, cold outreach, Google and Facebook ads — and nothing’s working
  • And exhausted, only wanting to get your message out to the right audience so you can grow your tribe and make a difference in your business and your corner of the world

That’s where I come in… 

Who am I??

I’m James, the Messaging Magician. And it feels like my corporate experience, nerd-tastic passions, and origin story have culminated to this moment. I help heroes like you be more effective in your mission.


You’re Here to Make a Difference

You are here to serve others, have an impact, and create a better life for your organization, familes, and your community. Your service, product, offer is solving your clients problems, helping them find the change they need to make. Marketing effectively is how you make sure you’re talking to the right people so you can serve them.

It’s simple.

But we humans overcomplicate things.

Regardless of what industry you’re in…

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer Products
  • B2B or B2C
  • Or non-profit

… I can help you find the simplicity, create your clients, and hone your offer and messaging to make your online assets get results, guaranteed.

James is laser-focused on helping his clients stand out in the marketplace, telling their unique story in a way that you might not ever have thought about. He brings such a depth of knowledge and experience to his craft and does such complete research in order to really get to the heart of what your ideal clients are looking for.

Deborah Finestone

Finestone Marketing Solutions

James was instrumental in providing me with clarity on my outline for my book. Additionally, he provides help in helping us to convert prospects into clients so that we can live our best lives… The BEST!

Liz Jakoi

Think It, Change It, Live It

Let’s Start a Conversation

Prefer old-fashioned email? I get it. Feel free to send an email to james (at) jamescookwriter (period) com.