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I Help Coaches and Solopreneurs Convert Website Visitors, So they Can Spend mOre time …

SAVING the world

I’ve recently written for…

I would not have been able to launch my website without James’s writing and support. James was able to take my vision and passion, put them words, and tell my story and message far better than I could have imagined.

David Fischer

Founder, Dream 17

You Want to help the World . . .

You have vision, purpose, and a dream. You are embracing your superpower …

But sometimes things don’t go as planned.

You’re struggling with …

  • Clearly communicating your offer to your clients
  • Converting site visitors to download your lead generator
  • Booking calls
  • Convincing people to sign up for your course of program
  • Feeling like you need to have content across multiple platforms (hint: NO!)
  • Finding the right advise from “gurus,” and …
  • Using prepacked templates that don’t sound like you?

There’s a better way.

You’re a HEro!

And I help heroes have more of an impact. Think of me like your marketing Yoda (except I’m taller and less green).

By working with me, you’ll ….

  • Know your copy is actually performing (with numbers)
  • Feel confident that your words are resonating with your ideal client
  • Pre-screen your visitors so you’re not wasting time with un- or underqualified prospects
  • Get more customers without spending another dime on marketing (if you don’t want to)
  • Stop the guesswork around tactics and strategies
  • Get more appointments without chasing leads

    In other words, I help you spend more time doing the things you love.

    How we work together . . . 

    Call to Adventure

    We get started with a simple, non-sales phone call.


    Cross the Threshold

    We craft a plan, and get to work getting super clear who you are and how you serve.

    Save the World

    We launch, track, and test until you get results.

    Who am I??

    My mild-mannered alter-ego is James Cook. I’ve been writing stories since I was six years old.

    I’ve written or contributed to six published books.

    Business professional with 20+ years of experience.

    Husband, dad, amateur outdoorsman, and aspiring coffee snob.

    James is laser-focused on helping his clients stand out in the marketplace, telling their unique story in a way that you might not ever have thought about. He brings such a depth of knowledge and experience to his craft and does such complete research in order to really get to the heart of what your ideal clients are looking for.

    Deborah Finestone

    Finestone Marketing Solutions

    James was instrumental in providing me with clarity on my outline for my book. Additionally, he provides help in helping us to convert prospects into clients so that we can live our best lives… The BEST!

    Liz Jakoi

    Think It, Change It, Live It

    Let’s Start a Conversation

    Prefer old-fashioned email? I get it. Feel free to send an email to james (at) jamescookwriter (period) com.